hojicha on a bed and next to a flower

What does hojicha tea taste like?

While most teas have a vegetal taste, this is not the case for Hojicha which has a more earthy aroma. The roasting process gives this tea a woody flavor that characterizes it and is one of its main assets. Its production and origins give it a much sweeter flavor than other green teas. This sweetness is very appreciable during your tasting and is accompanied by a slight smoky flavor that brings a unique and striking character to this extraordinary drink.

Hojicha tea is very sweet

The sensation of sweetness that one perceives when tasting Hojicha tea is very particular. Indeed, it mixes with the energy side of the drink. Although the caffeine content of the tea is reduced, it is still present and brings vitality to the consumer. The combination of this energy with the sweetness felt on the palate, in the mouth and in your body in general makes it a drink that is out of the ordinary and that is particularly appreciated in Japan and throughout the world.

A toasted and sweet aftertaste.

As mentioned earlier, there is a smoky flavor when tasting Hojicha tea. It has a very slight aroma of sweet tobacco, which allows it to assert its character. This small toasted taste is accompanied by a pleasant note of caramel and vanilla. These two aromas bring a light sensation of sweetness, which softens the drink even more.

A very different taste from coffee.

Hojicha contains a very small amount of caffeine. Therefore, its taste is very different from the coffee we are used to drink. Thus, it is perfect for all those who do not like the taste of this popular beverage: the sweetness of Hojicha green tea will make you forget about caffeine and will allow you to enjoy a hot drink at any time of the day. If coffee is considered to be an exciting drink, Hojicha is a soothing drink. Thus, you can enjoy it in the morning as well as in the evening before going to sleep.

A drink without bitterness.

The making of Hojicha tea differs from other traditional drinks. Instead of being heated in woks, the Hojicha leaves are steamed and then roasted. This prevents the oxidation process and thus removes any bitterness. For people who don't like bitter taste, it is the ideal tea.